Chandeliers LIGHTING

Hanging lighting chandelier pendants available to rent/hire for parties, corporate events and wedding styling. Suspended room feature decor solutions. Also see "Lighting - Fitting and Bulbs"

  • The rental price indicated excludes and wiring, rigging and consumables required and is valid for a 3 day decor rental period.

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Crystal Beaded Lampshade

Crystal Beaded Lampshade (Extra Large) Chandeliers LIGHTING

(LIGHT/HANGPEN-001R)  -- ZAR 300.00

Crystal Pillar

Crystal Pillars Chandeliers LIGHTING

(LIGHT/HANGPEN-004R)  -- ZAR 900.00

Crystal Lampshade Large

Crystal Lamp Shade-Large Chandeliers LIGHTING

(LIGHT/HANGPEN-003-LR)  -- ZAR 200.00