Frosted Glass

Frosted glass "light-box" lanterns available to rent / hire for corporate parties, corporate events and wedding styling. These lanterns are ideal to brand with decals and work in conjunction with LED light units or candles - creating a glowing diffused lighting effect. Customisable centre-piece / ambiance enhancing decor elements.

  • The rental price indicated excludes the LED light units and consumables required and is valid for a 3 day decor rental period

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Customisable lantern - A - Frosted Glass

(CAN/LANFG-002R)  -- ZAR 50.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 10/10/25

Customisable lantern - B - Frosted Glass

(CAN/LANFG-003R)  -- ZAR 50.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 21/21/20

Customisable lantern - C - Frosted Glass

(CAN/LANFG-004R)  -- ZAR 80.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 29/29/30