Glazed Copper Finish

Glazed copper ceramic containers available to rent / to hire for parties, corporate events and wedding styling. Vases suitable for floral arrangements.

  • The rental prices indicated are valid for a 3 day rental period

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Ceramic Ribbed Copper Vase

Ceramic Ribbed Vase - Glazed Copper Finish

(CON/CER/GLZCP-004R)  -- ZAR 45.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 10/10/19.5

Ceramic Studded Copper Vase

Ceramic Studded Vase - Glazed Copper Finish

(CON/CER/GLZCP-005R)  -- ZAR 50.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 111/11/23

Ceramic Geometric Copper Vase Small

Ceramic Geometric Rose Gold Vase-Small - Glazed Copper Finish

(CON/CER/GLZCP-003-SR)  -- ZAR 45.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 9/9/12

Ceramic Geometric Copper Vase Medium

Ceramic Geometric Rose Gold Vase-Medium - Glazed Copper Finish

(CON/CER/GLZCP-003-MR)  -- ZAR 60.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 10/10/5

Ceramic Geometric Copper Vase Large

Ceramic Geometric Rose Gold Vase-Large - Glazed Copper Finish

(CON/CER/GLZCP-003-LR)  -- ZAR 145.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 17/17/24