Light Boxes

Light boxes available to rent / to hire for parties, corporate events and wedding styling. Translucent structures when internally lit adds an effective glow to an eventing space. Also look under our "raisers" category for more light box options. Use with "Lighting - Fittings and Bulbs".

  • The rental price indicated excludes any wiring, rigging & consumables required and is valid for a 3 day decor rental period

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Big Circuit - Light Boxes

ZAR 450.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 85/29/113

Cube Circuit - Light Boxes

ZAR 50.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 85/28/114

Light Box Pillar Without Lights

Pillar Box Without Lights - Light Boxes

ZAR 2,500.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 65/65/200

Speech Bubble - Light Boxes

ZAR 100.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 30/5/21