Miscellaneous Stands

Miscellaneous stands available to rent / to hire for parties, corporate events and wedding styling. Assorted display solutions. Please note: Selected indicated stock items can be customised / painted on request to match your preferred colour scheme. The rental prices exclude the cost of the paint and a labour surcharge – which will need to be calculated based on current paint costs and the volume of the order. A reasonable lead time will be required for any customised orders. Please send through an email request to cost this add-on surcharge. The rental prices indicated are valid for a 3 day rental period.

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Freestanding Sign Board Natural Wood - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-0015R)  -- ZAR 2,000.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 86/44/204

Freestanding Sign Board White Wavy Texture - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-0016R)  -- ZAR 1,500.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 86/44/204

Wrought Iron Base - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-0017R)  -- ZAR 40.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 25/17.5/43

Adjustable - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-001R)  -- ZAR 125.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 35/35/150

Umbrella Stand

Customisable Umbrella - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-003R)  -- ZAR 40.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 28/28/31

Perspex & Wood Seating Chart Package - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-0011R)  -- ZAR 3,000.00

Visible perspex 83cm Wide x 100cm Height. For decal print customisation. Price excl's. graphic design, print and application.......
Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 87/34/160.5

Post Box Stand

Post Box - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-002R)  -- ZAR 250.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 55/55/160

Steampunk Card Holders Brace - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-006R)  -- ZAR 10.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 2.1/8/4.3

Steampunk Card Holders Gear Base - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-007R)  -- ZAR 10.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 6/8/18

Wooden Hanger Stand

Wooden Hanger - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-004R)  -- ZAR 80.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 31/37/46

Hammock Stand

Hammock - Miscellaneous Stands

(STND/VAR/MISC-005R)  -- ZAR 300.00