Procenium Draping

Proscenium arch draping available to rent / to hire for parties, corporate events and wedding styling. Create a classic theatre arch drape with this plush red velvet solution.

  • The rental prices indicated exclude the arch structure and are valid for a 3 day rental period

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Draping Drops Bright Red Smooth Velour

Velour Smooth Bright Red 700cm - Procenium Draping

ZAR 150.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 700/0.5/150

Horizontal Gathered Border Bright Red Smooth Velour with Silver Fringe

Velour Smooth Bright Red Horizontal Gathered with Silver Fringe 570cm - Procenium Draping

ZAR 400.00

Dimensions (cm)
L/W/H = 570/0.1/150